My Col. Gimperling Journey–Part 3

The following entry came from the 1936 Official Army Register and appears to give the schools and promotions Gimp attended and or received.


I found the index of abbreviations for the Official Army Register so I’ve made the translations to help understand what Gimperling did up until 1935.

Gimerling, Thomas N. (O1974)  – service number
Born Ohio, 5 June 1880.
A-M., A. Ohio.  – appointed to the USMA from Ohio
G.S.C Eligible List – General Staff Corps. Eligible
G. S. C. Sch. 30,  – Graduated General Staff Corps. school 1930
Q.M.C Sch. 28. – Quarter Master College School 1928
Ecole de L’Intendence, 23. A.M. – school of government, politics, diplomacy France 1923
Williams Coll, Mass 17. – Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts 1917

Sergeant Company G. 5th Ohio Infantry. 10 May 98 to 9 Sept 98: – volunteer for Spanish American War
Maj. of Inf. N.A. 5 Aug. 17; – Major of Infantry National Army 5 Aug. 1917
accepted 5 Nov. 17 1917
Lt. Col. of Inf. U.S.A. 5 Oct. 1918: – this would have been a temporary promotion while in France
accepted 11 Oct. 18;
hon. dis. 15 Mar. 20 – Honorably Discharged 15 Mar. 1920 – discharged from what?
Cadet: M.A. 13 June 99; – Entered the USMA this date
2nd. of Inf. 15 June 04; – Graduated and awarded Yellow bar making him a 2nd Lt in the Infantry this date. – took 5 years for a 4 year degree?
1lt. 11 Mar. 11: – Promoted to 1st Lieutenant 11 Mar. 1911.
capt. 1 July 16: – Promoted to Captain 1 July 1916.
maj. (temp.) 5 Aug. 17 to 2 Nov. 17; – Promoted to temporary Major 2 Nov. 1917
Q.M.C. 18 Nov. 19 to 30 June 20; – Quarter Master Corps. 18 Nov. 1919 to 30 June 1020.
maj. 1 July 20; – Promoted to permanent Major 1 July 1920.
trfd. to Q.M.C 30 July 20; – Transferred to Quarter Masters Corps. 30 July 1920.
M. B. 31 Aug. 25 to26 Aug. 27: – Militia Bureau 31 Aug. 1925 to 26 Aug. 1927.
lt. col. 1 Nov. 28; – Promoted to Lt. Colonel 1 Nov, 1928.
trfd. to Inf. 28 July 30; – Transferred to the infantry 28 July 1930.
col. 1 Aug. 35. – Promoted to Full Colonel 1 Aug. 1935.

As I tried to decode the old Army abbreviations I decided to go take a look at Williams College and see if they could tell me what course “Capt. Gimperling” had taken while at their institution. After looking through their site I decided to send a message to the library. Their site said that my message would be answered in 30 minutes. Here is my message to them:

I'm working on a research project dealing with  Thomas. N. Gimperling
who attended your institution and finished a course there in the spring of
1917. At that time he was a captain in the US Army and a USMA graduate class of
1904. I was wondering if there was a way I could learn what course he took
while at your institution?

Steve Batty – 12 July 2011
Here is their reply:

“He did not attend Williams College. He, in April of 1917, was detached from General Pershing’s command on the Mexican border and was detailed as Professor of Military Art and began his work during the spring with the first Williams College R.O.T.C. unit of around 300-425  students. In drill and lectures Captain Gimperling was assisted by Sergeant F. Cowan.
Gimperling was called back to active duty in June and was at that time given an honorary degree, master of arts by the college “Gimperling has shown himself entitled to our college gown and hood.” (June 23, 1917, Wms. Record)
Perhaps you can correct the source which says he took a course here?
My sources: ; Williams Record, April and June 1917 and Williams College in the World War (pg 11-12
Might have a Gimperling photo someplace.
Linda Hall
Archives Assistant”


What a great find today. Part of the fun in my journey is finding little bits of unexpected information when you are not expecting them. This find made my day.

To end this Part I have three questions:

1) On 15 March 1920 he was honorably discharged from what organization?

2) The standard time a cadet spends obtaining his degree is 4 years and Col. G took 5 years. My thought was that he attended their Prep school if they had one?

3) I wonder if I can find which US Senator/Congressman from Ohio proposed him to the Academy?

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