Grand Lake Colorado’s Unique Cemetery

On Thursday, Aug. 25th 2011 I took two nice ladies, who are staying in Anna’s Place on Grand Lake, to the Grand Lake Cemetery. Before stopping at the cemetery we drove up to look around Gaskill ( . Gaskill, an old ghost town of the early 1880s, is 4 miles north of the west entry into Rocky Mountain National Park near the old Betty Dick property now part of the Park.

Once we parked the car it was about a 1/2 mile walk down a gravel road. Along the way we crossed the north fork of the Colorado River.
This photo is looking south down the North Fork of the Colorado (once called the Grand River). Note: I believe if you click on a photo it will show you the larger version.



This photo is looking north up the Kawuneeche Valley.
You can see the Grand Ditch which takes water over the
Continental Divide to Fort Collins.


Ruth and Jayne standing by an old tree trunk that hikers
have dressed up over the years.

The Purple Asters were out in full bloom.


40.329182,-105.86553 The coordinates for Gaskill.
This is about the only remnant remaining at Gaskill.
I was told that it was the assayer’s cabin.  It town was
named for: Captain Louis Dewitt Clinton Gaskill.


If you look close you will see old tin cans opened and
still nailed in the corner of this old cabin. They were used
to reflect the heat back into the cabin  from the stove
which sat in front of them. The cabin was about


Following our walk to Gaskill we headed back to Grand Lake
and stopped at the Grand Lake Cemetery which is located
in Rocky Mountain National Park. The only one I believe.
The first order of business was to show Ruth then Jayne
how to use dowsing rods to locate graves. They are believers

Here’s Ruth trying her had a dowsing.


Then Jayne became a believer.


The cemetery is divided by a N/S road with the older and
more conventional head stones on the west side.  We
only had time to walk through the less conventional
east side. The following are some of those graves.












If you’re interested in the names of those  buried there
you can click here;

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