Outing with Jonah to Gaskill, CO–An old 1880 Mining Town

On Wednesday, July 16 Jonah and I set out to learn about old mining towns and dowsing graves. Our first stop was the the North Fork of the Colorado River at the old Betty Dick cabin inside RMNP. Here’s a short video of the river at Betty Dick’s.

Our next stop just north across the river is the picturesque old horse barn. Just click on the photos to see a larger view.


Jonah posing for me in front of the barn door.


Jonah next to the funky old tree stump approaching the Gaskill mining camp.


Jonah holding an old discarded lead sealed can from the time when the miners inhabited the area.


Short video of the lead sealed can.


Here Jonah is pointing to a rusted very large cook pot or your best guess. He found it in the root cellar where once a cabin must have stood. It was tool large and buried to be able to pick it up.

Next I took him a short way to the west where I thought the stone formation looked like it had to be a grave. It was also next an old root cellar/cabin. What is dowsing?

Next I pulled out my trusty Garmin digital GPS navigation tool and followed its direction finder to the last remaining structure in the old mining camp of Gaskill, the assayers office. I say office because there is no root cellar visible.

All in all it was a super outing for the both of us. The only draw back was that we didn’t apply mosquito repellent before starting our short hike.


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