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My Col. Gimperling Journey – part 11 ; The Ghost Train

In November of 2007 I received a Power Point presentation in an Email. It was titled “Life on the Train” and as far as I could determine no one took credit for its production . At that time many people … Continue reading

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My Col. Gimperling Journey – part 10 – The rest of his West Point story

Thinking more about the “mutiny”, as some journalist labeled it, which occurred on the USMC campus April 1901 I can understand some of the cadet’s frustration. Reflecting to when I was 18, looking forward to moving away from home and … Continue reading

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My Col. Gimperling Journey– part 9 – His West Point years 1899-1904

The Gimp started his West Point career in June of 1899 as a “beast” as the upper classmenreferred to the Fourth Class me or plebs. The summer would have been spent in a tent learning how to march and other … Continue reading

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My Col. Gimperling Journey-part 8 – Getting into West Point

This was a very interesting and challenging time at West Point as well as  for Cadet T. N. Gimperling. Remember, the images on this page are thumbnails. To see the original image click on the thumbnail image. Let’s start with … Continue reading

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Grand Lake in the Fall

I took the following photos in and around Grand Lake, Colorado during September 2011. I remember the actual colors being more vibrant so I used Adobe Photoshop to restore them.It’s scenes like you see in these photos below which keeps … Continue reading

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My Col. Gimperling Journey–part 7

This morning, after awaking at 0400 hours, I started thinking what Col. Gimperling’s childhood might have been like. Last weekend while doing a little more research into his parents and siblings I noticed that his father had been born in … Continue reading

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Dad’s 97th Birthday 8/28/2011

It’s not often when a family member reaches the ripe old age of 97.  In this photo we have Devonnabelle Reynolds (my father’s significant other) me and Dad (Dr. John Batty). Dad’s birthday dinner was held at my dear friend … Continue reading

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Grand Lake Colorado’s Unique Cemetery

On Thursday, Aug. 25th 2011 I took two nice ladies, who are staying in Anna’s Place on Grand Lake, to the Grand Lake Cemetery. Before stopping at the cemetery we drove up to look around Gaskill ( . Gaskill, … Continue reading

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A Touch of Home or The Gals Dressed in Powder Blue

I’m taking a few days off from my Col. Gimperling blog. I want to tell you  about a presentation made at the Juniper Library in Grand Lake late last summer, 2010. Before you do any reading please watch this DVD … Continue reading

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My Col. Gimperling Journey – part 6

  I believe this is the first time I found proof that Col. G had attended the USMC. It was not concrete proof but I felt it was pretty good evidence he was enrolled. I had a one week free … Continue reading

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