About Steve

I’m retired but am the Inn Keeper and mtce. person for Anna’s Place on Grand Lake, CO from the  first of June through the first of October. At that time I return to my winter home in southwest Nebraska. I’d probably live year round in Grand Lake but the 108 year old summer log cottage is just too cold for me after September.

I think of my self as a life long learner and adult educator. Over my many years I’ve taught primary jet flying and classroom academics for the USAF, worked in the old Bell System, AT&T, and the Nebraska Community College system. I enjoy using a computer and the Internet. I’ve always had a dog in my life and presently I have a rescued English Springer Spaniel named Mia. From reading my blog entries you can probably tell I enjoy history, especially that associated with Grand Lake.

If you watch the Animoto video below you will know where my heart is most of the time
Colorado you are so Beautiful

1 Response to About Steve

  1. William Munday says:

    Steve, I need your email address as I have in my collection pictures of Col. Gimperling as well as items I know you will like to see. I have had this material for almost 20 years and have been Googleing his name every once in a while and trying to find out information about him. Your blog is an absolute treasure to me. We need to talk.

    Bill Munday

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